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We are a group of collectors that for years have participated in many live in person autograph events from WrestleMania Fan Fest, All Star Weekends in NBA, MLB, NHL, Pro Bowl, Entertainment Award Shows and much more. Many of us also have attended training camps and other venues where we obtained many autographs. Along the way we saw that as the hobby began to change so did the way people looked at autograph collecting. Many were turning to large companies to certify their items authenticity. It became a large vast money-making venture for these companies. These companies also often would dispute the validity of items we obtained firsthand but still charged us. Thats when a group of us decided to get together and form our own authentication service for the people by the collectors that have been around the industry and knows how it works. We take pride in looking at each item looking for comparisons based on the data we have recorded and obtained through the vast years of all of us working in the field. 

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